Netpas MMA(Maritime Mail Analyzer) Quick Help

1. Netpas MMA Main Screen Description

- MMA Version and Netpas ID
- Main Menu Bar
- Tree Menu
- Analyzed Cards Result
- Searching Fields
- Card Information and Position
- Original Mail
- Processing Bar

2. How to set mail account

2-1. Link mail data from Outlook directly.
2-2. Add mail account manually
2-3. Edit Mail Account

3. Searching cards

3-1. Searching Tonnage Cards
3-2. Searching Cargo Cards
3-3. Searching TC Cards

4. Filtering cards

4-1. Filtering Cards
4-2. Filtering in searching menu

5. Matching tonnage and cargo cards

Matching Tonnage and Cargo Cards

6. Options

6-1. General
6-2. Settings
6-3. Matching
6-4. Network

10. Stared & Duplicated Cards

You can make a star for important card. The stared cards are stored permanently in Stared folder maximum 1000.

11. VIP

If an email address is assigned as a VIP, all email from the VIP will be sorted separately.