Netpas MMA(Maritime Mail Analyzer) FAQ

Please input right Server Information. You may need to activate POP3 / IMAP from mail service company.

Gmail :

Yahoo :
Speed of receiving and analyzing mails can be differ from PC spec. Please try this way for temporarily.

Close other programs and run only MMA. You can also adjust analyzing performance at “Options -> Settings”.
MMA receives and analyzes mails instantly once you create mail account. MMA stops receiving mails once received all mails. You can set intervals for receiving every 15, 30, and 60 minutes at options.
Sorry for inconvenience. Please email the original mail at Your reference will be used for increasing analysis accuracy.
MMA does not support it and neither companies provide such solution. You need to delete the original mail if you do not want to receive through MMA.
Yes, please go to “ Options > General >Mail Setting”. You can choose analyzing term 1~4 weeks.