Netpas Distance Quick Help

1. How to Get Distance

- Input more than 2 ports/coordinates and click “Get Distance/ F9”.
- You can input 21 ports/coordinates maximum per 1 Get Distance
- You can use multiple distance tables with different distance options

2. Find Port

- We offer over 12,000 ports.
- Find country name or directly input port name.

3. Get Distance with Coordinate

- We offer over 12,000 ports.
- Find country name or directly input port name.

4. How to Manage Custom Ports

- You can add and name your own ports using Custom Port Manager

5. How to select "Routing Point"

- Click Routing Point which is in orange dot in the rout. It will show Routing Point Options.
- Choose preferred routing point. Each routing points has different distances.

6. My Routing Points

- Use your preferred Routing Points (RP) instead of default RP

7. Simple Voyage Estimation

- Calculate simple voyage estimation.
- You can save the calculation result to MS Excel file.

8. Change Map Skin, and Load Line Zone...etc

- Click the "View", and change Map type, Map skin, Night shadow, and Load Line Zone..etc

9. Setting Proxy server

- If your company is using proxy server, you can set proxy setting.
- Please click the "Tools", and select the "Option".

10. How to get "Weather"

- Click "Show Weather", and It shows weather effects such as wind, pressure, and wave condition.
- You can set the time bar for checking the future forecast around your vessel

11. Free Route Drawing

- Can draw free route and get distance. Click the "Ruler" icon and draw your route.

12. How to update new ports list

- Click Port Update then the map will be reloaded with updated ports.

13. Edit Route

- Immediately change your own route on the map.
- It automatically calculates distance of your changed route.
- If you click "Ruler" you can calculat

14. Share Manager

- Share your vessel with your colleagues safely.

15. Vessel Manager

- Share your vessel information conveniently.
- Send e-mail or print.

16. Bypass (S)ECA

- You can choose your voyage to pass or to bypass (S)ECA.
- You will see the option box popped up automatically when your route passes (S)ECA