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18. EU ETS Calculator

1. Go to “Simple Estimation”

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2. Input Bunker Consumption

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3. Go to “EU ETS Calculator” tap

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Netpas Distance Quick Help Image

Netpas Distance Quick Help Image

If you need more detailed calculation, try Netpas Tramper or Netpas Estimator.

EU ETS Regulation applied to Netpas 

Emission to cover
      100% of emissions from ships sailing between EU ETS Ports
             example) 100% of Hamburg - Marseille 
                  Hamburg - Marseille
                  Marseille - Hamburg

      100% of emissions from ships within EU ETS Ports
             example) Emission during port stay at Rotterdam 

      50% of emissions from ships from EU ETS Port to Non-EU ETS Port or Non-EU ETS Port to EU ETS Port
             example) 50% of Shanghai - Rotterdam
                    Rotterdam - Shanghai
                    Shanghai - Rotterdam 
                    Shanghai(Loading) - Singapore(Bunkering) - Rotterdam(Discharging) 

             example) 0% of Shanghai - Singapore + 50% of Singapore - Rotterdam
                    Shanghai(Loading) - Singapore(Loading) - Rotterdam(Discharging)
                    Shanghai(Loading) - Singapore(Discharging) - Rotterdam(Discharging)

Percentage of emissions to be surrendered 
       40% for year 2024
       70% for year 2025
       100% for year 2026 and afterwards

Netpas EU ETS Calculator Notes
      Emission = Bunker Consumption x Emission Factor 
      Rate : Applicable percentage of emission to be surrendered
      Tonnes : Tonnes of emissions to be surrendered
      Amount : Tonnes x Unit Allowance Price 

** Please contact the relevant authority concerned for the details of the regulation. 
Netpas doesn't have any responsibility for the accuracy of the regulation details. 
Maritime transport in EU ETS : EUClimate