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General FAQ

You can search your user ID and password if you know any license keys that you have. If you do not remember anything, please contact us to provide any related information on invoice number, applied email address, or company name for quick search of user ID.

Contact : support@netpas.net

find ID & Password
We are sorry to inform you that it is hard to change your user ID. Please sign up and create new one.

Sign up : http://netpas.net/auth/loginAndCreateId
If you do not receive email for verification and license key, please check your spam box.

If you have more than 5 people to use Netpas service in your company, you need to purchase 5 copies of license for each users. And then you can appoint one user to become LICENSE MANAGER. 


Followings are function of License Manager:

1. Check "Validity & Status" of all Licenses

2. Change all users' passwords and personal information.

3. Add / Exclude users (only commercial users can be added).

4. Extending order for selected users. 

5. Transferring a current commercial license to a new user. 

6. Request to set the same ending date of all users' validity.


Please apply by email at support@netpas.net with:

1. One existing Netpas ID to be your license manager ID.

2. All your invoice numbers or all Netpas IDs to be included in your group.


How to transfer existing valid license to new user?

Click “Transferring” and input new user ID and then click “OK” button.


How to change user password?

Click user ID and click “Change Password” button and then click “Submit”.


How to delete user in the group?

Click “X” button on the right side in the user status table.


How to hide expired user?

Please check the box “Hide expired user”.  Then you will not see expired user in the list. 


For more detail, please review License Manager manual below.

License manager : http://file.netpas.net/notice_res/License_Manager_Manual.pdf 

In case you receive such message, someone in your company currently has logged in using your user ID from different PC. We strictly do not permit sharing ID for concurrent access using one same ID with different PCs. Please do not share ID to others.

1 User License allows one PC at office, one PC at home, one laptop in travelling.

Please visit our website and go to "My account" > "My License" page.

My license : http://www.netpas.net/users/MyLicense


Then you can check your all licenses.

Choose one license you want to extend and click "Extending" to place extending order.


After payment confirmation, your license will be renewed once we confirmit also be noticed through email.

We do not have license for company purpose. If you have 10 people to use Netpas service in your company, you need to purchase 10 copies of license. And then you can appoint one user to become LICENSE MANAGER. LICENSE MANAGER can create a group for managing users easily.

For more details, please visit the site here below.

The latest version of Netpas Distance and Netpas Estimator is available from our website.

Please visit the site here below.
Download : https://netpas.net/pages/download
Once you have purchased license, we issue you a license key. Then need to register license key for activation

Please visit site herebelow for registration.
License Key Registration : https://netpas.net/users/registerKey
In this case, please note that you are currently signing with different user ID. Please sign out and sign in with correct commercial user ID. If you forgot your ID/Password, please contact support.

Contact : support@netpas.net
Please be advised that you have not paid full amount of subscription. Maybe you have missed paying bank charge or intermediate bank charge from New York. We kindly ask you to make full amount to be transferred to our bank account.

If there are shortages on payment amount, we reduce the validity according to shortage policy. This notice can be found in the invoice.

This message comes out because your company is currently using Firewall or Proxy server. Please ask your IT department to check below notice and modify firewall setting. 

Notice : https://www.netpas.net/notice.php?view_id=329

If you still get the same message, your security program in your PC might has blocked the Netpas program. Please check followings and reboot your PC and run the program again.


1) Go to Control Panel -> click Windows Firewall.

2) Click “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall.

3) Click “Allow another program” and add Netpas Distance and Netpas Estimator and then click “OK”.

Please check your router settings if have any routers in your office.

If you are using any kind vaccine programs such as V3, AVG or etc, please go to settings and add Netpas Distance, Estimator to avoid disturbance for running programs.

No, Netpas license is user license and cannot be shared with other persons.
Commercial user is allowed to use Netpas service on 1 office PC, 1 home PC and 1 laptop in travelling.
1 hour time gap is required to sign in other PC after sign off.
You have to purchase the licenses as many as the number of users.
In this case, you can request Netpas Support to make all users to be expired in same date.

Contact : support@netpas.net

We will sum all remaining validity of users in the group and divide it with the number of users in the group and add the result to every user evenly. You will not lose any minute.

This function only allows when users belongs to one’s group.
This function only can be executed after purchase and registration of license key.