Netpas Estimator Quick Help

4. Sync with Port Rotation

- The "Cargo” and "Port Rotation" sections can be synced.
- Once you edit the Quantity of "Cargo" section and L/D Rate of "Port Rotation" section, Port Rotation's Port days(I/W),
Demurrage and Dispatch will be calculated automatically. 
- "Cargo Quantity" in Laytime Calculator box and Quantity of "Cargo" section will be synced. 
- Once you edit the Port Name at "Port Rotation" section, it will be applied to Port Name of "Cargo" section too. 
- If you delete the any Loading Port or Discharging Port at "Cargo" section, all of the record will be deleted. 
- You are not able to delete "Port Name or Coordinates" in "Port Rotation" section, only able to delete in "Cargo" section.
NE Quick Help Image
NE Quick Help Image