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Netpas has more than 230,000 users working in 60,000 shipping companies over 130 countries.
We will expose you to 230,000 shipping guys, when they input your port to get distance.
Isn't it great? They need ship agent, you need them. We connect you guys in Netpas Distance.

Find our 60000 client companies list : Netpas Client List

Ask any of ship owners, charters or operators about Netpas around you, we are pretty sure they know about Netpas and use Netpas Distance. If you are a ship agent, why don’t you introduce yourself to the huge potential clients? This is the most efficiently targeted promotion in the world.

[ Price & Condition ]

Free Register : Forever, no limited
  • You can register up to 5 ports for free.
  • Once you register your company in a port, your agent information will continue to be displayed with free of charge on the Netpas Distance until another paid user applies.
Charge Register : USD 120 / 1 Port / 365 Days
  • First Come, First Line.
  • Each port has up to 6 different agents.
  • You can check expose and click numbers of your company.

[ Netpas Agent Process ]

Netpas Agent Process
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